Why Am I Here?

I need a place to hammer out some of the bits rattling around in my head, looking for a home in the land of Making Sense.  Some people need a place to ramble and keep random thoughts.  I have one of those already on Facebook.  This is about things that are related – but not necessarily in an obvious way.  If this is a holographic universe, then weeding a garden can be both locally literal (though not in my yard….) and holistically/ holographically global.  Knitting a glove is as much an act of putting the puzzle together as is assembling a picture puzzle out of a box, preparing a recipe, or doing deep research to find how energy and matter fit together and/or transform into one another.

This is a place to think about nomic games and the nomic mind.  A place where my inner meliorist and my inner child each take a piece of chalk — and write.

I’m not writing to anyone in particular — maybe just the various parts of my own unconscious mind, trying to get a consensus.  If you are reading this, then perhaps you’re one of those disparate parts gone spelunking.

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