BP Gulf Oil Spill, Day 70

People keep pushing for a boycott of BP at the local level.

I’m not sure pushing BP to retreat behind bankruptcy is the way to go — we need them to keep working on this and keep paying people in the gulf.  I agree about the green energy — but there are too many lives hanging in the balance on the gulf coast to let these bastards dissolve in the courts, only to resurface as a dozen new logos without any financial obligation for physical repair, financial reparation, and environmental liability.

Besides, what good does it do to boycott BP, only to spend the dollars at other Big Oil (or small oil for that matter) stations?  There are 3500 oil rigs in the gulf, and the Deepwater Horizon was not the one in the worst shape!  Every one of the oil companies and their supplier and subsidiaries is due for a blow like this. It was just a throw of the dice that it was this one.  Money to any of them is the same as money to BP in the long run.

The thing to boycott is gasoline powered transportation.


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