Bad Mojo Showing Up in My Art…

The first 2 paintings are barely paintings at all.  Bad Weather I is close — but Bad Weather II is very nearly just a mess of color and darkness.  This is what happens at the onset of a migraine — sleepless — past midnight — watching 2 biographies of Vincent van Gogh alone in the dark.  Even little Chauncey-dog hid under his blanket.

The third painting — the one of trees (from Kit Carson National Forest outside of Eagle’s Nest, New Mexico) is an attempt to get some of Vincent’s manic depression out of my system.  This is probably as close to painting from reality as I get these days.  I guess that means that there’s nothing like a good dose of nature to cure the local insanity….

The next painting, “Into the Woods” is much closer to the style I think of as me.  Whether you take the woods as being the unconscious mind, the collective unconscious, or just the Black Forest where all the darkness of the Grimm’s collected horrors exist– this is a fairly hopeful expression of it.  While fire may have destroyed rebooted the woods in the Kit Carson National Forest, in this forest there are shadows and light, but no so much of either as to be either candy-coated wallpaper or a dangerous journey.


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