More paintings recorded….

Some of these are new, others are 3, 4, and 5 years old — some are just better photographed versions of other pics — but this gives me a second page of storage.

I need better images of paintings that are selling, because I won’t have access to them in the future — but I’m not doing a very good job of photographing them so far…

In some cases — like the painting “Whirlwind” — the colors are so layered that the depth of the painting has proven impossible for me to photograph well.  The nature of the chemical colors in combination with the earth colors and ground mineral is that the chemicals reflect light very differently to the camera than to the eye.  This is true in other paintings as well — like “Violent Autumn” and “Dragons” — which I hesitated to include here at all but for having some record of them.

In the painting “Dragons” especially, the mineral purpurite hardly photographs at all.  Regardless of how I mickey with the image, the purpurite turns black, or very close to it.

The painting “Untitled 1st 2nd” (it’s a long story) is very odd and shows its oddness well when photographed.  It is unusual because it uses only 2 pigments (not ones I have ground, but from commercial paintmakers) – Winsor Newton Perylene Green (which is made from a black perylene pigment,) and Daniel Smith Quinaquidone Coral which is made from a quinaquidone rose pigment. The black pigments shows up as green, while the green combined with the coral produces a deep mauve leaning toward violet. Green and coral should not make violet — but perhaps a black pigment and a rose pigment do….


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