Cacio Y Pepe (from “No Reservations” 8/16/10)

Just watched Anthony Bourdain’s latest show on the Travel Channel (No Reservations) from Rome.  Let me write this down quick while I remember:  It’s called:

Cacio Y Pepe

(for 1 serving)

Freshly made pasta.  Something long and thin.
then, to a small skillet, add:

3 oz pasta water
2 T butter
1/2-1 t fresh ground (course) black pepper

Bring to a boil.  Add pasta to the pan and toss, adding in shredded Peccorino Romano and more fresh ground black pepper.  Toss until the “sauce” has vanished into the pasta and steam, and remove to a hot bowl.

(about?) 1/2 c  or 2 1/2 ounce of the shredded (not grated) Romano cheese (could be more — just guessing so far) sprinkled evenly in the “bowl” of the skillet, to form a melted sheet of cheese, lightly toasted, (like a cheese tortilla) then flipped onto an upturned cup or small bowl to mold the melted cheese sheet into a bowl.  Allow to cool slightly, then invert on a plate and fill with the prepared pasta.

Top with a little more cheese and ground pepper and serve.


It’s time to make fresh pasta again!


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