The Illusion

I learned a new word in the art vocabulary today.

The illusion.

Evidently, this is a word that describes painting.

Whereas sculpture, installations, performance art, theater and dance all occur in 3 dimensions (okay — 4 for the performance arts) and I suppose music technically only occurs in that last dimension — painting is about the illusion.  I’m guessing, it’s about the illusion of 3 dimensions from the context I heard it in 4 different times today.  Or at least, some painting is probably possibly maybe about the illusion of 3 dimensions.

But some painting has nothing to do with the illusion of 3 dimensions.  Same with photography.  Film.  Computer animation.

Architectural renderings.  Okay.  Topographical maps.  Maybe.  Printmaking — Probably not so much. 

Or maybe the illusion of an object is the illusion in question.  Smoke and Mirrors.

But, the illusion sounds really good.  Like a magic trick.  Or a hallucination.

Learning a new vocabulary subset is always fun.


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