Local News Goes Up in Hyperbolic Flames

You gotta love it when the network local affiliate grabs their filler news stories off the internet.  How boring is this town, anyway?

Here’s the headline:


In all fairness, Mickey and Goofy didn’t write the headline.  It had appeared a few hours earlier than our local affiliate used it to fill 20 seconds of otherwise dead air.


Headline aside — the content of the story could be summed up in 8 words:

330 feet over the last 800 million years.

I don’t know how much money it costs to do a local TV broadcast, but I’m pretty sure that “330 feet over the last 800 million years” is not exactly the kind of local that local folks use to stay in the know about local events, local crimes, local weather, local crops, local sports, local politics, and local heroes.

Full Moon Rise

Full Moon Rise

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