Free at Last — Free at last! The End of Poverty and Hunger in America!

It’s a Tea Party!

The USA’s numbers are in! Only 44-million people living in poverty! (Just 1 of every 7 of us in these United States!)  And, 35% of that number (15,400,000) are children, and everybody knows they don’t count. So really, just 28,600,000! I call that a victory! So yes! now is the time abolish social security, medicare, unemployment benefits, health care, education loans, WICs, Title 9, public libraries, public education, state universities, the SAC, the Coast Guard, the National Guard, the Army, Navy, Airforce and Marines, the FDA, the CDC, NOAA, the National Weather Service, Federal judges, Federal prisons, Federal Courts, the FBI, the CIA, the FAA, the DEA, the ATF, the National Institutes of Health, the Veteran’s Administration, MHMR, the Interstate and Intrastate Highway Commissions, the FDIC, the Consumer Protection Agency, PBS, national parks, state parks, city parks, county hospitals, community services, Americans with Disabilities enforcement, Border Patrol, State Highway Patrol, and other assorted social services…

Pretty soon all those nasty dirty poor people will be gone, and think how comfortable and snug we’ll be then with the money we’ll have saved!  And how right we can feel having prevented the Nazi Socialist government and a black Muslim who is not an American citizen  from interfering and sticking their noses and filthy corrupt fingers into all our hard earned money!

Seriously.  If the questions were simple, we’d already have the answers.

If the street in front of your house has pot holes — you don’t dig up the road and haul the concrete away to fix it.  It’s true, there would be no more pot holes — but it’s also true that dirt paths don’t meet modern needs.

Throwing out all systems that don’t work means throwing out pretty much everything — because hardly anything systemic works perfectly, and even those that do eventually break down in the face of change and have to be adjusted.  If you’re in a space ship and the air filtration system is not working properly, do you eject it and go without?  Probably not.

At the end of the day, whether you are crafting a complex system, re-designing it, or just repairing it — you don’t give the job to the lowest bidder, or farm it out to those without the experience or background to do it properly.  How many roofers does it take to fix a difficult leak?  As many as it takes to find one who can figure it out.  And tearing down the house to the foundation is not an option.

We start where we are now.  Not where we were 150 years ago.


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