“Imprisoned” Barely Nomic Painting w/ 7 Images

This is the starting image of the cover, still closed and covered.

Imprisoned Closed Cover, Copyright 2010 Lynn Whitlark; 22" x 30". 400lb Arches cotton rag paper, and treated canvas mesh.

Okay.  So this is a project for the graduate level painting/art class I’m taking.  I don’t have the undergrad degree in art or BFA that these guys have (many of them are 1 or 2 semesters away from an MFA) — so I don’t know what undergrads do compared to what grad students do.

I have no idea (still) how to put my stuff in the room with their stuff — they all do different kinds of things for different kinds of reasons.

But the prof. asks me to do art that represents the way the inside of my head works.

I’d told him about nomics.  Graves.  Particle physics.  Matching and mismatching.  Timeline therapy.  Hypnosis.  You know.  Some of the stuff that rattles around in my head.

So this is the first attempt to do that.  It’s a little bit nomic.  Mostly it’s about opening boxes — which I haven’t ever mentioned to the prof. (so far)  And it also works as the visual test for the meta-program: matching/mismatching sort.

For the curious, the inscription on the last image (which I photographed poorly) says:

Just the thought
of opening the box
is enough
to break the seal

This collection of images opens like a book — or a pop-up book.  Closed, it measures 22″ x 30″.  Fully opened, the book part is 30″ x 42″, with a drop down piece that is 22″ x 14″, and a separate, stand-alone piece that is 18″ x 24″.  Pigments used include Indanthrone Blue; Carbon soot; ground Amathyst;, Unbleached Titanium, Prussian Blue; Green Earth; Lapis Lazuli; Pyramidazolone Yellow, Phthalo Green (B); and ground Vivianite.

At any give stage in the opening, between 2 and 4 images are visible (out of a total of 7.)

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