Nothing ever goes away on the internet…. here’s proof

Back in 1997, while I was contemplating bankruptcy (after being drowned in wild and hairy medical bills when my son was sick) I decided to learn to use html — which was a fairly new thing at the time.

As with everything else — I learned by doing and using and so built a web page (actually, more like 350 pages.)  It wasn’t particularly sophisticated, but I learned what I needed and then asked the free hosting site to pull it down because I didn’t have any intention of maintaining it….

But here it is, 12 years later — and it’s still alive.  Much of it has deteriorated to flotsom, but some pages remain in tact.  Like my cookbook:

Similarly — other pages survive, while many have just evaporated, lost their links, hobble along on broken .gif images, or simply loop back on themselves.

but evidently it’s all true — nothing ever goes away in cyber-space.Similarly, the first article Jim and I wrote together was on Ericsonian hypnotic patterns in the poetry of Walt Whitman.  It was published online by a hypnosis/psychology journal and floated out there for years as part of their archives.  However… today when I went to look it up — Google took me to all the online sites that now refer to that article.  Some are psychologists who use hypnosis and NLP in their private practice; some are other academics who refer to our article in their own academic writings; and some (oh good grief) are hucksters from the underbelly pool of stage magicians, hypnotists and con-artists who sell hypnosis techniques to socially awkward failed womanizers as a seduction skill.

God save us from desperate, horny men who think tricking a woman into bed somehow counts as a social skill.


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