New forks (and spoons, etc.)

Yes, it’s true.  I finally have enough forks.

It’s from a company called Gourmet Settings — nothing grandiose — just Amazon for Christmas.  The pattern is called something like Exotik Platinum.  No serving pieces (just how many slotted spoons, sugar spoons and butter knives can one family use?)

When it was just me and Nate doing the single parent thing, and he was pretty young, he would scrape his plate into the trash and occasionally let the fork or spoon or whatever fall in. And maybe I let a few fall by the wayside as well.  At least one spoon broke the garbage disposal.

Then there were his teenage years of carrying plates into his bedroom and losing the silverware in the piles of whatever he had piles of at the time, then cleaning  — again with great wads of flotsom and jetsom straight into the trash.

Add 3 moves, a new marriage, a son off to college, more miscellanious spring cleanings, dinners carried to friends, 4 different dogs and — well, we were down to odd-matched this-and-that made of at least 6 different sets of tableware, from first-marriage-pewter to Sam’s Club bend-in-your-hand cheapware.  And about 5 forks, total.

So I’m cleaning out the dregs; tossing the McDonalds-ware plastic and the less than grand Pfaltzgraff broken-plastic-handled salmonella experiments, and filling the drawer with this heavy, solid handled, really beautiful stuff.  This is a very satisfying act of kitchenifying.

Hopefully, this will be the last silverware I ever buy. And it’s not silver or platinum or fancy at all — just toss-in-the-dishwasher-stainless-steel.  And I love it.

And yes, I’m keeping a box full of backup leftover stuff for — who knows what kind of silverware emergency may arise in the future.


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