A Peppermill By Any Other Name…

…would add flavor to astonish the taste buds.

For over 20 years, I carried a pepper mill in my bag.  It looked like this:

It was an elegant and utilitarian little thing — just 4 inches tall.  It had the double advantage of being solid stainless steel and very heavy — and thus a good heavy weight in my bag for walking through strange parking garages at night.

After the first 15 years, it started coughing and choking on really hard peppercorns, and so even though I tried to give it second and third and fourth chances — eventually, it fell by the wayside.  I’d repaired it, prayed over it, gave it vacation days — still, it died.

And that was about 12 years ago.

I’ve been without a pepper mill ever since.  In the years between when I bought this little treasure, and when I went to replace it, the price had gone from 23.00 to just over $100 — which was too rich for my blood at the time.  And even now.

And without a pepper mill — I stopped buying fresh peppercorns. (duh)

And I forgot the outrageous flavor of freshly ground pepper.

But facing a slight reduction in sodium, I have begun searching for other great tastes to take the place of salt — and black pepper has been on my mind.

So, I have invested in a new pepper mill:

This one will not fit in my bag like the little steel box — but it has the benefit of being battery operated and therefore not a strain on my hands.  It was the highest rated of the electric or battery operated pepper mills on Amazon — everyone who bothered to write a review loved it.  It is made by Peugeot so I suppose I should have checked under its hood, but it appears to be potentially able to do the job.  Now, I realize that when it arrives it may not grind pepper fast.  It may not grind it to the exact coarseness I could produce with the little steel bobby — but it will not torque my digits out of alignment, or set fire to the nerves between the bones in my opposable thumb.  This is a win, no matter how you salt it.

It should be noted that of the top 6 or 7 brands of electric/battery pepper mills — there were engineering, design, longevity, and/or horse-power problems with all of them.  So.  Keep your fingers crossed.

I have also sent to Penzey’s for 2 different black peppercorns —

And I can hardly wait.


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