The Chocolate Milk Diet (from Women’s Health Magazine)

The Chocolate Milk Diet — here’s the link to the Women’s Health Magazine article and explanation / justification.  It’s not really a diet — it’s just a bit of common sense put to good use in an otherwise healthy day!

I, myself, don’t need justification or excuses to drink something I already know is good for me (calcium for bones; Vitamin D for bones, defense, and to make the calcium accessible; energy, muscle-building, protein…) — and I like it!  😀

Pay attention here — they’re not suggesting you drink chocolate milk to the exclusion of all other food.  They’re suggesting before and after workouts — and in the morning when you first wake up — then completed with a healthy and nutritious diet plan.  That’s good enough for me!

“Are you serious?” you ask.   Absolutely.  I do Organic Valley 1% Chocolate Milk every morning and every night before bed. (Been doing this for nearly 3 years — bones are very important to me!)  I get it from — delivered to my door at the first of the month.

It’s shelf stable.

It’s not as sweet, and more chocolaty than the Horizon Organic milk that my supermarket carries — which is good.  That lower sugar number saves me 25 calories. (Organic Valley also makes Vanilla and Strawberry, as well as plain 1% white milk — but why bother when there’s chocolate to be had….)

It’s not as thick with emulsifiers, or as gummy and sticky sweet as the grocery store’s non-organic brands.

It tastes good.

Calcium.  Vitamin D.  Protein.  All that research on the benefits of milk to loosing weight….

If you’re lactose intolerant — I’m really sorry, but you already know your work-arounds, so you’re not reading this anyway.

Just for grins and that warm, snuggy feeling you get when you do something good for the planet — check out this special page on the Organic Valley Coop website — it shows you how much toxicity you don’t put into the planet by using their products!  Organic Valley Organic Counts! Page.



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