Old World Sausage Pot

Okay — I’m not of German heritage.  And a lot of traditional German cooking is not on my palette.  But here’s a pot of veggies, fruit, sausages, and spices that fit perfectly into my life.

Serves 8
cheap, yummy, lean, and filling

48 oz good sauerkraut, drained and rinsed
1 1/2 lb fresh cabbage, shredded
3 organic apples, sliced thin
8 oz red onion, sliced thin
24 oz new potatoes, quartered
2 lb Pederson’s Sweet German Sausage, cut into 32 x 1/2-oz pieces
12 oz hard apple cider
24 oz organic chicken broth
3-4 T Penzey’s Old World Seasoning

This is a no brainer.

Steam potatoes in a separate pot until tender.  Add to main pot when everything is done.

Put all remaining ingredients in a big pot, cover loosely and simmer 1 hr., checking often to make sure it doesn’t boil dry.

Combine w/ potatoes.

Serve with lots of good mustard….


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