New Cards! (Splendid!)

Just got this deck in the mail from the artist/author, Masha Falkov, in Portland OR —

I sort of took a gamble on this one — though not a very big gamble as it is very reasonably priced at $20 — and consider myself as having hit the jackpot!!!

This is not a tarot deck, or a poker deck — but instead is a 58 card black and white art deck in the oracle or divination category.  This deck is surely made for fortune-telling, but also has a great sense of humor, and a really wonderful off-the-cuff artistic bent.   Some of the images are very serious, and others are plainly tongue-in-cheek — but all are wonderful.

(can you tell I like this deck a lot?  So does Jim — though we often agree.)  It brings to mind the psychedelic poster art from the sixties, without all the cheap, faded colors.  I keep expecting there to be café menu items and prices on some of the cards… $.75 ESPRESSO….  VEGGIE BURGER W/ AVOCADO & SPROUTS – $1.45….  FREE CONCERT FRIDAY @ 9:30PM.


But this deck has the fingerprints of a much younger artist.

The deck starts with a cat — an ordinary looking cat — which according to the artist’s write-up turns out to be Schrödinger’s 50/50 cat, both dead and alive simultaneously.   The deck ends with a wizard — which we must assume is the person reading the cards… or the artist, if you really like this artist’s work….

The images range from pencil/charcoal, to photographic, to what appears to be electronically created — though nothing is certain.  There are some clever and consistent motifs, but nothing so sophisticated as to take away the deck’s innocence and cute disposition.

You can order the deck here at the artist’s website, or on by searching for the deck by name: The Post-Psychedelic Cyberpunk Tarot.

Worth the $20.  Worth the time.


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