BBQ Shrimp & Pasta Florentine

There are several gadgets and appliances in my revamped kitchen that make up for having a hand that doesn’t work as good as it used to.  One is the Little-Grill-That-Could — the Cuisinart Griddler.  Without the benefit of wide-scale advertising or the Home Shopping Network, word of mouth has made this one of the most widely used and praised pieces of kitchen technology since the KitchenAid Stand Mixer.  In fact, it’s so popular they now make 6 versions of it.  (Go for the G4)  It’s a grill, griddle, Panini press — the best use of a square foot of counter space in my kitchen.

serves 2
570 calories per serving
24 g fiber
58g protein
12g fat

20 ounces large (approx 3/4 oz-1 oz each), ready-to-peel raw shrimp
2 T Penzeys Barbecue Seasoning of the Americas
5 oz un-cooked Fiber Gourmet Spinach Pasta
5oz fresh (preferably organic) baby spinach
6 oz sweet cherry tomatoes, quartered
1 bunch scallions, chopped w/ 3-4″ of green stalk
1 clove garlic, crushed
2/3 c Newman’s Own Sockerooni Pasta Sauce
2 oz eta cheese, crumbled
1 T capers, drained
1 T butter
1 T EV olive oil
2 T cider vinegar
1/4 c parmesan cheese, shredded
salt, fresh ground black pepper

  • Peel and devein the shrimp and toss them with the Penzey’s BBQ of the Americas seasoning and set aside in a chilled bowl
  • Bring 4 qts of water to a boil, and reduce heat to a simmer.  Add pasta and cook, stirring occasionally for 8 minutes
  • preheat griddler, and spray with cooking spray
  • Melt butter + olive oil in a large skillet (4-5qt capacity) and sauté spinach with onions, garlic, and tomatoes together until the spinach is thoroughly wilted
  • spread seasoned shrimp on bottom plate of the griddler and close.  Reduce heat to med.
  • add cooked pasta, sauce, capers, vinegar and feta to the sauté veg mix in the large skillet and toss together w/ salt and pepper to taste.
  • Serve pasta/veg on 2 plates and top with grilled spinach and parmesan cheese


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