6 Rules of Good Nutrition | Eat This, Not That

6 Rules of Good Nutrition | from Women’s Health Magazine  and Eat This, Not That

Gee whiz this sounds familiar!

  1. Never skip breakfast!
  2. Eat Intentionally! –pay attention to what you choose! (they call this “Snack with Purpose”)
  3. Watch portion sizes (they call this “Beware of Portion Distortion” — isn’t that cute?)
  4. Notice calories in drinks like juice, soda, milk, smoothies, shakes, alcohol, tea and coffee drinks… (they call this “Drink Responsibly” heh heh)
  5. Be careful about sodium, MSG, additives, preservatives and artificial colors and flavors (they call this “Eat more whole foods and avoid science experiments)
  6. Set the table (and eat there, I’m guessing)

Okay — there’s one of these 6 recommendations I haven’t been publishing about, (set the table!?!?) because my table is always full of art supplies, tea cups, bread-making ingredients and bread machine, a couple of candles, and a chai spices box with a nearly 1-square-foot footprint — but — okay.  I’ll grant that setting the table is probably a good idea, too.

But I still probably won’t do it.

5 of 6 is pretty good.  And I’m still losing weight, so no harm, no foul.

So — if you didn’t believe the other 5 when I wrote about them in previous posts — HERE’S SOMEBODY ELSE to believe.  If you still don’t think this is enough — I can find you more!  Really!


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