OSRAM SYLVANIA – HALOGEN SuperSaver® Lightbulbs – If They’re So Good, WHERE ARE THEY?????


Here’s a link to Sylvania’s page so you can read about them yourself….

OSRAM SYLVANIA – HALOGEN SuperSaver® product page.

Osram Sylvania Halogen SuperSaver Press Release page (date 1-YEAR AGO! Why didn’t we hear about this?0)

You can find them on Amazon here — though Amazon is mostly out of them.  They are also sold by other merchants who sell through Amazon’s site (and make you pay outrageous shipping costs) — but you can Google for other choices.

What’s so special about these bulbs? I heard about them on the Sunday morning news discussion show, This Week with Christiane Amanpour today.  It turns out, they may be the only light bulb that has all these positives — as opposed to the millions of lightbulbs being flooded into Walmart, Home Depot, and your local grocery store from China.

  1. First — they fit the requirements to replace the old standard bulbs that are being phased out.
  2. They are energy-efficient — they’ll save you money on your electric bill.
  3. They also won’t harm the environment because they are MERCURY FREE.  How is this different from all those little cork-screw mini-florescent bulbs you can pick up by the bushel basket at Walmart?  Well — those are not MERCURY FREE.  Which means that when/if they break, a tiny amount of mercury is released.  This is not such a big deal if you break one every 25 years — but chances are, between the trash truck and the city dump, there will eventually be quite a little reservoir of mercury building up.
    In fact — they are the ONLY mercury free bulb out there that fits the new energy requirements!
  4. The home base of Sylvania, which is a deeply buried some-kind-of relation of the German/global company Siemens, is located in MA — and is a North American company.  So these bulbs are made by US workers, on US soil.  No trade deficit. No cheap toxic materials.  No sub-par inspections.  No starvation-wage labor of 13-year-old factory workers.
  5. They’re shaped like old-fashioned tungsten light bulbs — nostalgia, anyone?  (They also come in 2 other formats. — see the Sylvania page for more info.  At least one of the other shapes is also available at Amazon.)

If you’ve been taking offense at the lead painted baby products and melamine-laden pet food coming into the US from China — here’s a product you can get behind and buy to support non-sub-par Chinese and other market products.

–and there aren’t that many right now, so take your stand where you can.

As for why these aren’t available in Walmart, Home Depot, or the local grocery — my guess is it’s because nobody is paying attention in those big corporate buyer’s meetings.  That’s the generous explanation.  It’s also possible those company’s are just focusing on the bottom line and nothing else.

When I used Sylvania’s store locator to find a place locally to buy these light bulbs — there was only one store in the entire city.  A single Lowe’s Hardware. I may have to make a trip to that Lowe’s and see what else they’ve got up their sleeve.

I’m guessing that since Amazon sold out of these within the first hour after Amanpour’s round table was over (they probably don’t mind and are happy to order more,) business may pick up for Sylvania Mass. operation.

— and that was just a casual, in passing remark about the bulb’s no-mercury and no-China chops.  Imagine if somebody actually got out there and pitched this product!


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