Are You Ready to Rumble? First new D and D Adventure in Many Moons….

Tonight’s the night!  First Dungeons and Dragons adventure in many moons — I’m taking the first shift of 4 game sessions, then Nathan, Danni, and probably Jim and Carrie, too.  We’re all assuming James (the MedStudent) will want to reserve his energy for the real world — in the end, it’s his call.

We’ll be having chicken and dumplings tonight at the Blue Moon Alehouse and Soupery, along with some freshly made tomato/mozzarella salad, hot out-of-the-oven bread, and chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream.

The big new feature of D&D 4th Edition is that we are adding the 1″=5′ grid maps and map tiles to the game.  I assembled the first 2 locations last night to get the feel for how this works — here’s a sample:

House/Smokehouse Map

It doesn’t look like much, but it’s a good first start.  Basement, attic rooms, barn, pig pens, and the actual smokehouse part of the place are hand-drawn on grid paper — but this is the main location.

Did I mention that the smokehouse is fired by a red dragon who lives there?  Not a dragon you really want to fight– but he’ll talk your arm off.  No problem with him eating the sausages, hams, jerky and sides of bacon hanging in the smokehouse, as he only likes fresh meat. 😀


Jim is very excited about all this.  He says that when he was a high school aged boy — they didn’t have a word for nerd, much less a cool game to play.  With all the books lying about, he’s been reading a lot — he’ll end up knowing more the rules than the rest of us put together.  But then, I guess that’s what a professional scholar does.  He reads. He doesn’t have some of the ins-and-outs of the basic tropes of the game — he didn’t realize that turns and rounds only matter in the fighting portion of the game.  He thought we’d all be going in turns the whole time.  But he has it now.

He’s given his character (a shaman) a whole back story that includes the languages he speaks, what sort of shaman work he’s done in the past, who his “clients” were, and what kind of tiger his totum is.

😀  He’s a very happy man.  (Not the shaman)  Jim.  Though I imagine his shaman is a very happy guy, too.


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