I’m going to repost this, because I’m tired of hearing people and corporate media say that nobody in OWS knows what they want. Well, here it is. Here’s the first 2 things I want:
This is where the reform needs to begin. Just a beginning — but without these 2 changes, hardly any other significant change is possible.

1. Reverse (by what ever means necessary) the Robert’s Supreme Court decision that declared corporations to be people.

Not only is it absolutely stupid on its face — it has allowed corporations both in the US and from abroad to finance candidates for every office in the country, and thus allows them to influence votes, collect favors, and create/influence legislation (and the Supreme Court) in every possible way.

It basically gives permission for business to own the political system.

2. Reverse (by what ever means necessary) the Robert’s Supreme Court decision that declared money to be speech.

Again, this appears to be the work of 4-year-olds — except that would insult 4-year-olds. If you can’t tell the difference between money and speech, then you need to get some psychiatric help.

What this idiotic ruling has gotten us is that it makes it legal for people (including corporations — see #1 above) to put any amount of money
they desire into targeted/machine gun advertising, propaganda, and excellent dinners and vacations for members of Congress and assorted Supreme Court judges — in order to try and persuade them to vote one way or another.

Together, these two Supreme Court decisions have corrupted the Constitution / Bill of Rights, and gutted the morality of the nation’s political system.


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