The Revolutions Will Not Be Televised

I had never watched MSNBC until this last week. My husband asked how MSNBC does in ratings compared to say, FOXNews. I don’t even have to look that one up. I know a lot of Republicans, and I know a lot of Democrats. All the Reps gets their news FIRST from FOX (if not ONLY from Fox.) Of all the Dems I know, not one gets their news FIRST from MSNBC — because THEY REFUSE TO GIVE IN TO THE IDEA THAT MEDIA IS DIVIDED INTO “OURS” AND “THEIRS.”

I read from dozens of sources all across the spectrum. I watch and listen all across the spectrum — though I have tried very hard to avoid both the edges — I’d never watched more than 5 minutes of FOX before — and that was usually in clips. I’d never seen MSNBC at all. So my assumption is that MSNBC’s ratings are just a fraction of those of FOX, even though the country is split.

This last week — when I watched (via stream on the ground) the events at Zuccati Park unfold as the OWS was being evicted, what I realized is that the majority of the news media I have always depended on was either not reporting the events at all, or they were showing 15 seconds of images, and then getting the story wrong. I knew it was wrong because I’d been watching — almost around the clock. FOX got it wrong. The Huffington Post got it wrong. ABC, NBC, USA Today, the Washington Post, the NYTimes, and CNN all got the details, the point, the evidence… wrong. If they reported it at all. got a lot of it — because they decided to tap into the same feed I was on — and rebroadcasting it raw. The BBC later did the same.

And I always assume where there is one (me) there are a lot more.

So here I am — learning the pundits and hosts of MSNBC. And watching this self-promoting scrappy little extreme skate boarder with a camera phone and a light source document what has the potential to be a revolution in thought, politics, and the way we live our lives.

As the OWS has been saying all along — the revolution will not be televised.


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