Why Money Is Not Speech

This link will take you to an article that explains that in spite of the inspectors and inspection process, an American egg producer was caught with their cruel shoes on — torturing animals, leaving dead and decaying chicken bodies in the same cages as those laying eggs, and infested with almost as many rodents as with chickens.  The outrage was so deafening, that McDonald’s — one of the companies supplied with eggs by this nightmare of a Farm — dropped them within 24 hrs.
This is after consumer groups all over threatened to boycott the Egg-McMuffin…. an action often called “voting with your pocketbook.”

And in reality, this is the explanation of what is wrong with the Roberts’ Supreme Court ruling that “Money is Speech.” Yes. “money talks,” but it speaks the language of numbers, statistics, and binary code. It’s only capable of 2 communications: 1, 0.

Speech, on the other hand is infinately complex, propelled by human thought, negotiation, humor, felicity, ingenuity, and reason. Words, unlike numbers, can have literally dozens of meanings and thousands of nuances. Human speech is the ultimate complexity engine.

And money is not. It is the score-keeping tool of commerce.

As McDonald’s and Target so clearly demonstrate.


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