I Love the Internet Without Shame — and the Physicists Who Created It

In the early 1990s, I worked at the Superconducting Super Collider Laboratory outside of Dallas.  The theoretical particle physicists there were pretty sure they were going to change the world as we know it with their new ponderings and explorations into physics.

There really are only a hand full of theorists at this level in the world — and they’re spread out across the continents.  So they took their computers and connected them via existing technology (telephone lines) — so they could stay informed about each others work, questions, ideas, and the projects they worked on.

The giant Hadron collider at CERN may change everything we know about the world.  But the internet has changed everything about the world we may know.

Don’t forget that when you flinch at new capabilities and changes to the gooey interface (Facebook, Twitter, IM, mail,  etc.)  This is all uncharted territory — and experimentation is part of the package.


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