You Learn Something New Every Day — the Miracle of Toe Socks! ToeSox Full Toe with Grip Yoga/Pilates Toe Socks: Sports & Outdoors.

These are “toe socks.”   Yes yes yes, I know toe socks have been around for a long time.

But being oblivious to most things that fall under the heading “fashion” — I completely missed them.  Until now.

I ordered a pair of these from Amazon because I sleep in socks and had found it a little slippery on cold nights to be skidding and sliding on hard floors.  So, I went looking for socks with TREAD.  –Little dollops of rubber or glue or silicone or something on the soles so I wouldn’t slip down and kill myself or crack my head on the coffee table.

When they arrived — the curve for learning how to put them on wasn’t too steep — and almost immediately I notice a significant DIFFERENCE in the way my feet FEEL.  Not just the funny glove feeling between my toes — but a real important difference.

If you know me (or have read much that I’ve written) then you know that I have lost a lot of the dexterity in my hands due to some degenerating joints (hereditary) — and chances are, this will also eventually effect other joints in ways that are more than just inconvenience.  One of the ways I know this is that when I sleep, my toes tend to curl if I’m wearing regular socks.  As a result — I wake up in the morning with my feet aching and cramping — all the bones pop and ache until I’ve been up a while.

This DOES NOT HAPPEN when I wear the toe socks!  The little “sleeves” keep my toes straight and separated!  No more achy feet in the morning.


About 18 months ago, I injured the Achilles tendon on my right foot.  While it has healed (mostly) in the months since — again, I would wake up every morning with extremely painful first steps as the tendon loosens up and gets repositioned where it belongs.

But NOT with the toe socks on.


I have no idea why this is true — my husband says that curling my toes was stretching that Achilles tendon into an unnatural position, and now with my toes straightened out — it doesn’t happen.   Okay.  I’ll buy that.  It’s better than a kick in the head.

But here is this one, silly, almost undetectable change in my life and suddenly my feet don’t hurt any more.  One less pain to deal with.

Just by putting on a pair of yoga socks.

Who knew?


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