Auntie’s Cure for the “Too Many Rich Sweets @ Christmas-time” Blues

This is the dish to set in a big tray on the center of the coffee table after everybody’s had all the sweets, treats, and heavy stuff they can manage….

This makes enough for about 12-15 grazing people….

1 lb cherry tomatoes, halved
2 8oz jar pickled jalapeño slices, minced fine — reserve juice (Like Old El Paso brand, or some similar)
1 lb broccoli heads, trimmed to bite-sized florettes and slightly steamed
1 lb carrots, cut into “coins” and slightly steamed
1 lg sweet onion, cut into  rings, and then halve the rings into crescents
1 lb brussels sprouts, peeled, stemmed, halved and steamed well
2 c button mushrooms, sliced 1/2″ thick
2 c shredded low moisture, part skim mozzarella cheese (about 8 oz)
1/2 c shredded Parmesan cheese
12 oz your favorite Buttermilk Ranch Dressing
1/3 c sweet pickle relish
2 T A-1 steak sauce
1 T Tabasco pepper sauce
1 1/2 t garlic salt (or 1 1/2 t salt + 1 clove crushed garlic)
1 t dried thyme
3 T freshly ground black pepper

1 very large bowl of freshly popped popcorn!
(make this first and put it in the fridge to chill)
Combine ranch dressing, black pepper, parmasan cheese, Tabasco, A-1 Steak Sauce, pickle relish, and garlic salt with minced jalapenos and about 1/3-1/2 of their juice from the jar.


  • prepare the brussels sprouts first, because you need to steam them until tender — which will take longer than the other steaming.
  • prepare broccoli and carrots and steam until just brightening in color and barely beginning to get tender.
  • remove steamed veggies to paper towels to drain and cool.
  • toss all steamed veggies in remaining jalapeno pepper juice from the jars and set aside to continue cooling — toss every 10 minutes or so as you finish preparing the salad. — yes, this makes for very tarte and very spicy veggies!
  • prepare remaining veggies as directed; and, drain off any remaining liquid from the steamed veggies, and combine in a large bowl or other large container.
  • Toss all lightly with shredded mozzarella and prepared dressing/jalapeño blend.  Arrange on a big tray (cover lightly with plastic wrap if you are preparing ahead) and serve with a big bowl of freshly popped popcorn!!!!



*why the popcorn?  to kill the burn if you eat too many of these veggies, of course!  (or try a big glass of milk)


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