Gene Messer Toyota, Lubbock Texas

In June, while we were on vacation, I backed over a curb in a not-level parking lot in Sedona AZ (there are lots of not-so-level roads and parking lots there.,..) and knicked the back right under-bumper of our little Toyota.  So — when we got back, Jim took it into Gene Messer Toyota here in Lubbock, and the Service Dept. sent him to the Body Shop, and they ordered a replacement part and said it would arrive in a couple of weeks, and that they would call us when it arrived.

Two weeks, no call.  So we called Gene Messer — and they connected us to Customer Service, who told us they couldn’t find our order — no wait — they found it! they said.  And they said it was delayed because of some problem in Canada, where the part would be coming from.

Okay.  So 2 weeks later, we called back — the operator sent us to Customer service and we got the same response.  “What’s your name?”  “When did you bring the car in?” “Hold please…..No, your part hasn’t arrived.  We’ll call you.”

This has been going on since June.  We talked to Customer Service at least 6 times.  Twice, they put us on hold and sent us to the Parts Dept.  On 1 occasion, they put us on hold until the Service Dept. closed.  But every single time, we got the same initial response — “I can’t find your name or a record of a part being ordered — hold while I go look” — and then they would come back and tell us that they had found our order, and the part hadn’t arrived and we just needed to be patient.

So today I called AGAIN.  And the guy couldn’t find any order.  So he forwarded me to the Body Shop.  The Body Shop said they had received the part, but when we didn’t come in to have it put on– they sent it back.  In July.  I asked why they hadn’t called us to tell us the part had arrived; and, why they hadn’t called us before SENDING THE PART BACK to make sure we brought the car in for the repair.  The girl said they had called.  I said I have this miraculous little gadget called a cell phone which logs every single call that comes in — and that there had not been a call.  If there had been a call, I would have either answered it, seen the number on the list of recent calls, or heard the message.  That would be the message nobody ever left.

There are 2 big problems here.
1.  The department that place the order never called when it arrived (IF it ever arrived — not sure I believe anything these people say at this point.)  And, they didn’t call before sending the part back
2.  The people in Gene Messer Toyota’s Service Department AND Parts Department both lied outright AT LEAST 8 TIMES when they put me on hold –sometimes for up to 10 minutes — while (hoping I would hang up and the problem would go away.)  First, they lied when they told me they had found my order — when THERE NEVER WAS AN ORDER THROUGH THE PARTS DEPARTMENT or the CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPT.  I didn’t know there was a difference, but THEY certainly did.  And, since it turns out the orders are on completely different computer systems — they had no way of knowing what had been ordered through the Body Shop.
3.  Not only did they lie over and over again — different people, different months — but some of them even went so far as to make up stories to explain why our part wasn’t there yet!

To put this into context.  This is Lubbock Texas.  The 2nd most conservative town in the US, right after Provo Utah.  In most parts of the US, 5 of every 10 people are affiliated with one church, temple, or religious group — but in Lubbock, the number is 8 out of 10.  This is a town so red-necked and so red-republican, that when the Dixie Chicks made a joke about George Bush while he was still on the throne doing his business, EVERY radio station in town destroyed all their Dixie Chicks records — some burning them in the middle of church parking lots and asking everybody in town to bring their copies of the records on down to the bonfire,

And Lubbock is where the 3 women in the Dixie Chicks were born and raised.

There is literally a church on every corner in this town.  Bumper stickers; yard signs; church marquee signs — all talk about family values.  loudly.  Churches here tell their parishioners how to vote.  Until this year, you had to drive outside the city limits to buy beer — because this “God-fearing” town wouldn’t allow it to be sold inside the city.

And yet at least 8 people IN A ROW in one place of business lied to me.  Straight up lied.  Just to keep from having to do their job and give SERVICE to a customer.

Good ol’ Christian values in the armpit of the universe.

I will not miss this town.

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