Barley-Oat Bread – So Healthy It Will Take You For a Walk

Carbs in general have gotten a really bad reputation in the last few years — but white rice, over-cooked pasta, bleached flour, and “Wonderbread” have taken the biggest hits.  The truth is — carbs serve a good purpose if they’re the right kind of carbs — so here’s a little loaf for your bread machine that can help redeem bread’s bad-boy rep.  It’s rustic, chewy — makes great toast, and 3 days stale it makes great croutons when cubed and toasted slowly; and great bread crumbs when sent for a whirrrrr in the blender or food processor and left to dry on sheet pans….

In fact — my favorite leftover use is to make bread crumbs of this bread, season them lightly with salt/pepper/paprika, and use them to top thin fish (halibut!) filets with butter — baked first, then browned under the broiler.

This recipe makes a 2lb bread machine loaf (12-15 servings)

(I’ve linked the ingredients to the brand/websites that describe them)

If you’re using a bread machine, you already know how to make it work for you — put all the dry ingredients except the yeast in the machine — then add the liquids.  Sugars and salt should always go in first — and yeast should be added last.

I like this recipe baked on at least the med dark setting — and usually I like it better dark — it has a great crunchy/chewy crust!



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