The Puzzle of Personal Statements About Art

"Late February Night" painting in progress.  2/19/2014  by Lynn Whitlark

“Late February Night” painting in progress. 2/19/2014 by Lynn Whitlark

Originally posted several years ago — things have changed. And then, nothing has changed.  New content — and images of new art — added at the end.


I’ve spent a considerable amount of time lately listening to contemporary artists.

It’s a dizzying task.  The world is a crowded place these days — and art as a means of expression and an attempt to make contact has reached epidemic proportions.

Modern art began with the Impressionists.  Or about there.  Prior to the impressionists, artists painted classical subjects — basically, they either painted portraits, or they illustrated the Bible and a few other classic works of sacred literature including the classical mythologies.  But there came a day when artists in the throws of political revolution all around them decided to hold a little revolution of their own and paint from real life.  Instead of posed attempts at perfection, they started painting real people — warts and deformities and all. Then they started painting fleeting light. Fleeting smiles.  Fleeting glances  Fleeting life.  It was about the beauty of the moment. …

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