Let’s Talk Popcorn — An Idea Whose Time Has Come


The word on the street (and in magazine articles, news reports, and research documentation) is — those super convenient bags full of microwave popcorn portions are lined with a chemically produced moisture barrier that leaves traces on the popcorn as it pops.

And those traces are now linked to a whole bevy of nasty diseases.Popcorn_bag_unpopped




What, then are the alternatives?

We certainly can’t be expected to give up our popcorn.

How about an air popper?31OAC-ca0pL._SY300_

That will work — just put the stuff in — have your washable receptical waiting to receive your fresh popped styrofoam nuggets.  Maybe a shaker of salt if salted styrofoam is more to your liking.

No no no no no.

They sell popcorn by the puffy potato-chip bag full at the grocery.  Three times the price of the naughty microwave bags — but at least it’s salted and dusted with cheese powder and MSG. (blagh)


The truth is, short of a tub of yellow movie theater popcorn drenched in butter, there’s just not much else in the way of good hot popcorn to be had without risking your life or your wasteline.

4153Z0G472L._SX300_I think about half a dozen people I know tried the Wabash “Whirley Pop” (you can order it from their site online, or from Amazon; in either aluminum or stainless steel — $25-$49.   The problem with the clever little Whirley Pop is that it is the dickens to keep clean — and if you don’t use it and it sets on the shelf for more than a few weekends, the traces of oil that inevitably get into the nooks and crannies of the not-dishwasher-safe parts go rancid — become sticky — and it stinks up your house, your popcorn, and your fingers to make a batch.

And since all the pieces can’t be washed in the dishwasher — you spend hours trying to get rancid and tacky transformed oil out of the bits and pieces.  I’ve tried vinegar, Dawn (gets the oil off duck feathers) dishwashing soap — even the Boosted kinds, baking soda, and Ajax and Comet abrasives — and none of it makes a bit of difference.

So.  No


91YEJIEH0aL._SL1500_A couple of companies have tried to make not-disease-causing microwave bags for popcorn — but what you end up buying is plain paper sacks with a packet of corn, a packet of oil, and a packet of seasoning.  For a premium price that roughly 3 times the cost of Pop Newman’s.  You pop the corn in the sack, then dump it into a bowl and pour the oil over it with the seasoning and toss violently until every kernel is cold, greasy, and collapsed.  and still, the oil won’t be evenly distributed, and the seasoning will only stick where there’s oil!

But they did get one really important thing right with Quinn’s popcorn….

The cornExcept for Quinn and trusty old Pop Newman at Newman’s Own Organics — regardless of how and where it’s popped — the popcorn itself is still that wicked Monsanto genetically modified sweeter-than-sugar crap pushed onto us by the World’s Un-Healthiest Capitalist Pig Farm.

And so what’s the point, really?

The point is, FIX IT.71BcFWLx2ML._SL1500_

Popcorn, in its original un-modified, un-genetically monkeyed-with, unpoisoned state is really good, tasty, healthy and satisfying.  You get to chew.  You get crunch.  You get little bits of stuff that’s mostly air.  So long as you don’t drown it in oil or butter — cover it in trans fats or sugar — bloat it with salt — blanket it in caramel and peanuts, or lace it with MSG —–> it’s really good and good for you.

It allows for munchies.  It is cholesterol free.  It doesn’t play dice with your blood sugar.  AND IT TASTES LIKE A PARTY!


It tastes good.  For those of you too young to know that non-GMO corn really does taste different from GMO’d corn  let me tell you — IT TASTES DIFFERENT.

AMISH POPCORN!  You can get this stuff from the company's site directly, or for a little more $$ -- through Amazon. 11 varieties -- all organic and non-GMO.  There are at least 3 other companies selling non-GMO as well!

AMISH POPCORN! You can get this stuff from the company’s site directly, or for a little more $$ — through Amazon. 11 varieties — all organic and non-GMO. There are at least 3 other companies selling non-GMO as well!

Better, in fact.

(and no, I have no idea if they’re really Amish at Amish Country Popcorn.  Odds are — probably not.)


Enter: the Pyrex 4-c measuring cup.  Or the Pyrex bowl.  T51RV1GXR81L._SX425_he point is — Pyrex is heavyweight, well made borosilicate glass — which means that unlike regular glass, it will stand up to a wide range of temperatures — and even tolerate cold-hot-cold-hot transitions without shattering, cracking, or bursting apart (and making a real and dangerous mess!)  It’s not an absolute thing with Pyrex — going from stove burner to bucket of ice or vice versa will still send glass shards flying, but it’s a lot tougher than the normal pane glass in your windows.  And it’s so heavy and thick, that when it does crack or chip, it usually doesn’t make tiny shards.

What’s more — some clever folks have designed a microwave popper out of borosilicate glass — in 2 sizes even —

Now, truth be known — the glass is a little thinner than Pyrex.  But these are cute. Not outrageously expensive — dishwasher safe.

Snack size 1 quart popcorn for one (4 cups) with a butter melter on top

2.5 quarts with a butter melter on top
2.5 quarts with a butter melter on top

But unnecessary if you already have Pyrex bowls or measuring cups.  The lids are a handy improvement, but the glass on these poppers AND on the Pyrex products all gets firecracker hot — and requires both pot holders to handle, and a heat-proof resting place to set the down.

They will be hot enough to melt plastic after popping their load, so be careful how you handle them — and have a towel or hot mat ready to cradle your glass pot of gold!  (If you leave the popcorn inside and reach in — it will keep your popcorn warm for at least 20 minutes!



However — keep in mind that the real advantage of the glass poppers is that they will pop the organic, non-GMO popcorn of your choice — with or without the oil of your choice and let you add as much or as little butter, salt, flavoring, and cheese powder as you want (or none!)

And it will wash in the dishwasher.

And it can be ready to make another batch within seconds of being emptied.

61I5JhA37KL._SL1500_If you go with your Pyrex 4-cup measure, make sure you have a silicone lid, or one of Pyrex’s handy-dandy lids…

A microwave safe plate or saucer will also do the job.

  1. Add 1 T oil and 1 rounded T popcorn to the 4 cup measure — so that it just covers the bottom of the cup, and every corn kernel is touching the oil…71gpuNheS0L._SY679SX280_SY679_CR,0,0,280,679_PIbundle-6,TopRight,0,0_SX280_SY679_CR,0,0,280,679_SH20_
  2. Set the microwave for 3 minutes – 3.5 minutes (you’ll have to adjust the time to match your microwave
  3. Have a bowl ready — a small bowl because this will be a small snack — along with the seasoning of your choice, and
  4. Voila!  No poisons.  No nasty bags.  No wicked GMO-corn. No waste.  Just CHOICES!  YAY!!!!

The glass popcorn poppers come with very similar instructions — adjusting for size….



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