Companies Too Stupid To Do Business With: SUDDENLINK COMMUNICATIONS

This is probably just the first blog entry in a life-time list.  I’ve encountered these businesses before — before the days when a blog was a real thing.

But this is the first time in recent memory.

A company that is, at the corporate policy level, just too stupid to ever do business with: SUDDENLINK COMMUNICATIONS

Companies this stupid are probably also stupid enough to be stupid with their customer service.  Their money management.  Their investment strategies.  Their hiring practices….  Just — too stupid to do business.

Here is what I posted on Facebook earlier today:


Here’s a shoutout to
— a “media” company that hasn’t yet made it into the 21st Century to realize that just because I have a Central Time Zone area code on my cell phone, doesn’t necessarily mean I live in the Central Time Zone (brain-dead, sub-zero IQ, anyone?) Phone numbers are PORTABLE these days, Old Timers! Area code is no longer an indicator of where someone lives.

Which means that when your minimum-wage high-school drop-out agents cold call me at 7:04-AM Pacific Time, to try and get me to buy my technology from you — they’re calling somebody outside your little playhouse.

So you are cold calling both a number on the Do-Not-Call List, AND a number firmly in the earlier-than-the-9am-cutoff period for sales calls? Really? To what end? To persuade me to post your un-savvy corporate policies on Facebook? Really? How about a blog post that broadcasts your stupidity? Or a letter to the FCC explaining this all in detail? Or several letters?

Who on earth would buy a tech service from a company that doesn’t grasp the meanings and implications of the technological age?

And yes. I blocked your number. If you change numbers, I will block those as well.


I returned their phone call — to the Tyler, Texas phone number (and someone named “Sean” identified in the pre-recorded message left on my phone today, 2/4/14 (and previously on 1/27/14) to ask to be removed from their call list — but alas, the phone number actually goes to another recording that “takes messages” for Suddenlink.

Alternately, I went to their website, but no link to be removed from their cold-call advertising list exists there, either.

I have since posted a formal complaint with the FCC.

And no.  I do not want to ever do business with a company this ridiculous.  Ever.  No matter what.  I will stop watching television and live in a cocoon before paying money to an entity with this little grasp of good business practice.  There are too many competent companies out there to suffer fools like this.


UPDATE, 48 hrs later….

I received a comment (see below) from Suddenlink Communications today — offering to remove me from their call list if only I will contact them.

And therein lies the problem.  I double checked with the FTC this morning and it turns out that yes, I am, and my phone is, registered with the National No Call List — and have been for months.  The registration is up-to-date, and according to the FTC, all telemarketers should have removed that number from their call lists within 30 days of that registration.

What Suddenlink Communications’ comment says is that if I will identify my phone number — they will NOW remove it from their call list; their implication being that simply being on the National No Call List does not, in their corporate opinion, mean anything to them.  At all.

Which means my next complaint is to the FTC <– follow this link to go to the FTC’s complaint page about this kind of unwanted telemarketing activity.


One thought on “Companies Too Stupid To Do Business With: SUDDENLINK COMMUNICATIONS

  1. Hi Lynn – My name is Ashley, and I’m with Suddenlink. I’m sorry to hear that your experience with us was less than exceptional. I’d be happy to submit your number to be taken off our call list. Please feel free to email me directly with your contact information – my email is ashley-AT-suddenlink-DOT-com. Thank you.

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