Banana Nut Smoothie


It doesn’t look like much — kinda pale compared to most smoothies — but the taste is sensational!  It’s like a cross between your grandmother’s banana nut bread and an apple pie!

Be sure to use live yogurt, and fresh pineapple juice if you’ve got it — both really impact the flavor and nutritional value of the finished smoothie.

Notice the use of Viet Namese cinnamon (Penzey’s is wondeful and round flavored) — this cinnamon is so naturally sweet it will sweeten your smoothie while helping your body manage the natural sugars!

Makes a 24 oz smoothie!

1 med banana, sliced and frozen
1 med granny smith apple, unpeeled, sliced thin
2 t VietNamese Cinnamonn
5.5 oz pineapple juice
1/3 c sliced almonds
pinch of salt
1 c greek yogurt, honey flavor or plain
1 c crushed ice

665 calories
11 gram fiber
17 grams protien
875 mg potassium
37% of the days calcium
and — yummy

Yes yes. you can lower the calories by using low fat greek yogurt — but avoid the fat free because then it starts to really change the flavor….


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