Figuring Out my Type-2 Diabetes — Post 2: The Honeymoon Phase

So -- what does a hedgehog eat?

So — what does a hedgehog eat?

Two weeks ago, I was diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes.  Here’s a post about that….

This is not particularly surprising.  While the disease does not run in my family — my mother was diabetic.  But she was the first on both sides of my family tree.  It was not surprising that she was diabetic, since she ate sweets like they were heroin and she’d been addicted since birth.

I, on the other hand, have never had a sweet tooth — probably out of disrespect for my dear, unsainted mother.  Instead, I have a savory tooth, if there is such a thing.  As equivalencies go — it turns out to be not that much different, since savories are so often carb based — and non-sugar carbs are just sugars in slow motion.

So here I am.  And I think I’m going to write down my journey into this new phase of life.

Here are my starting point particulars:

  • 59 years old.
  • Waaaay overweight.  Morbidly screwed.  This is not a new condition.
  • Asthmatic. (not new news here, either.  This is lifelong and severe.  In fact, I’ve had dreams all my life of dying by asphyxiation, and being smothered by what I, as a child, called “The Winter Cough.”)
  • Dyslexic.
  • High-functioning autistic/Asperger’s.  Something I’ve only had a name for for the last 2 years.
  • High blood pressure, well controlled by the simplest meds — beta-blockers and diuretics.
  • Arthritis, but only painful in very cold weather.  Knees had surgery in 1977.  Hands lost some function in 2009.

71tDVR7F81L._SL1500_So that’s where I am.   And now I’m in a steep learning curve trying to learn a new way of calculating, shopping, cooking, record-keeping, and thinking about my metabolism and food.

And so far — that complex of new information is not only a bottomless pit of numbers, facts, and calculations — but also demands that I basically forget everything I know about cooking.91pf9Kw1Y8L._SL1500_

And that’s a hard thing.  I’m a really good cook — and I find myself picking up a can of Progresso soup and putting it in the microwave instead of cooking — because I’m too hungry to stop and recalculate a recipe because I’m soooo hungry I can’t wait.  !

The only 2 people I’ve ever known who were diabetic had convinced me that it was giving up favorite foods that was the terrible horrible god-awful part of being diabetic.  But — so far, that hasn’t been true for me.  My breakfast this morning was identical to breakfasts I’ve eaten at least 1 day a week for the last umpteen years of my life.

91HByawHCwL._SL1500_The only things I’ve consciously given up so far are liquor, sodas (except flavored soda water and carbonated juices) and desserts.  I’ve switched from carb-y snacks to mixed nuts.  I’ve switched from 16oz glasses of juice to 5oz glasses — and mostly V-8 and tomato juice.  I’ve pretty much stopped eating in restaurants for the time being until I get this portion-control accountancy loaded in as the default software of eating.  I’ve made a couple of purchases — 3 microwave safe bowls for heating Progresso soup, some left-over containers that hold 1/2 c and 3/4 c — so I don’t have to weigh and measure every time I get hungry, and a little table-top oven thingy to make pizza.  I don’t foresee any time when I could eat restaurant pizza, since I’d have no idea of what/how much was actually in it.  By making my own dough — I know exactly what I’m getting, and I can put whatever the hell I want on it, including extra fiber in the crust, extra pizza sauce on top, and green olives (which restaurants NEVER have!)! ! !



Fiber by the gram!!

Which actually sounds like a life-improvement, to me.

So that’s where I am.  Living each day with a computer open to My Fitness Pal and it’s database of details, re-arranging my kitchen, donating a lot of pre-accountant foods to the food bank, making space on the table for a food scale, and learning to think things through — ahead of when I need to eat.

I would like very much to learn to control this with diet and exercise — and barring a lot of physical deterioration (pancreas, liver, etc) — that should be possible.  That’s the goal.

Because exercise burns off excess sugars in the bloodstream, basically lessening the strain on insulin producing cells — I’m now walking on the treadmill before both lunch and supper.  That seems like the most positive change besides diet I can make.  Upping my metabolism can only help.

I’m not sure how long it will take to see if this will be possible — but I’m in this full-throttle.  If it can be done, I intend to do it.  Or at least do as much as is physically possible!

61lIlLXyi0L._SL1500_ 71+07ctcxmL._SL1500_ 61sGaF9DGhL._SL1500_ 41U54y4X+jL 41MyG8WNq4L

😀  So far, so good!!!


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