Best Things I’ve Learned or Learned About as a New Diabetic

Best things I’ve learned or learned about in the last 3 1/2 months:
(each and every one makes Type-2 Diabetes easier for me….)
–a good reading topics list and shopping list if you or your significant other is leaning towards T2-D.

With the help of these learnings and products, I lowered my A1-C from 8.6 to 8.0 in the first 90 days after diagnosis, and my average afternoon Blood Sugar has gone from 310 to 145.  I’ve lost 35 pounds, purely as a side effect of eating a diabetic friendly diet, and I haven’t been hungry or craved since Day-2.  It’s a good life.

In almost all cases, I’ve chosen not to provide links.   — but I am giving you all the key words you need…. The hunt is half the fun!


pro-biotics and pre-biotics
Phillips’ Digital Hot Air Fryer
portion control dishes, bowls, left-over containers, & Tupperware
Arrowhead Mills Puffed Barley
Fitbit and its brothers — mine is Withings
Quest bars
digital gram/ounce scales, measuring spoons & cups
salt & pepper “Wonderful” pistachio nuts in 1.25oz packages
salad plates
coconut chai
erythritol, xylatol, sorbitol, manitol, NOW Foods Better Stevia Balance
Tea Forte’s KATI double wall handle-less ceramic cup (keeps hands & tea warm)
Harney & Sons Green Hot Cinnamon tea (!)
Emergen-C Immune+ (cold flavors, but not hot flavors)
Breville’s table-top pizza maker
Bai5 bottled drinks
True Lime Black Cherry Limeade
demitasse spoons, cocktail forks & butter knifes from Gourmet Settings
Nature’s Best Isopure Zero-Carb Protein powder (all flavors!)
Cuisinart’s Griddler
The Meadow’s flake salt
Cholula Chipotle
Oloves Hot Chili Mama Habanero green olives
Progresso soups
Vitafusion Fiber Well sugar free gummies
Wild Friends almond butter with espresso
Just Like Sugar Strawberry Milk maker (!!)
Simply Protein Chili, Herb, or BBQ flavor protein chips, and Simply Protein bars.
Heinz Reduced Sugar Ketchup
Wolf Brand Lean Beef canned chili without beans
Effer-C Elderberry drink sticks
Laptop Lunches Bento Ware lunch box/containers
Blender Bottle, Smart Shake Bottle, & Spider Bottle (BlenderB & SpiderB work best, but Smart Shakes are prettier colors.)
Cabot 75% fat free snack-size (3/4oz) cheese bars
Sili Squeeze bottles & Infantino squeeze pouches
Sistema Clip-it Microwaveable Soup Bowl w/vented lid
HydroFlask w/flip top
Zoku Frozen Pop maker
Adidas Reversable headband/sweatband
Mezzetta olives, pickles, peppers, tampinades and condiment spreads
stove-top non-electric pressure cooker
Santa Cruz Organics no-sugar-added applesauce (all flavors!)
Penzey’s Extra Bold black peppercorns
Fiber One Instant Pudding
Brussels Sprouts as per Alton Brown
Oroweat Double Fiber English Muffins
Bob’s Red Mill Rolled Barley Flakes, Barley Grits, Pearled and Hull-less Barley
Bob’s Red Mill Beans & Whole Grains soup mix
Bob’s Red Mill Organic Oats (all kinds), Cornmeal Grits, green pea or white bean flour, Low Carb Bread Mix, and High Fiber Pancake Mix / Hot Cereal / and just about anything else as long as you measure
Lowrey’s Microwave Bacon Curls
Beeba Baby Cook small portion steamer, blender


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