Canna-Joe: a New Favorite Cup of Cannabis Coffee

I can’t smoke my medical marijuana because I have killer asthma – literally.  I can’t do magic brownie (at least not easily) because I’m diabetic.  So…  most of the time I use cannabis tincture, which I brew myself like some kind of Snape’s Potion Class homework.

But the truth is, I really dislike the taste of marijuana.  

So I am on an endless quest to find the most inoffensive ways to use the tincture I make.

The basics, for those wh have not been on this magical mystery tour of cullinary experimentation with me, seem to be this:

  1. Start low and go slow.  In other words, you want to use the least quantity of cannabis possible to get the symptom relief you are after.  Mostly because even when legal, pot is still expensive.  So waste not = want not.  …Also because using too much tends to give me nightmares, or even panic attacks.  Be conservative when you first experiment with dosage… you can always have more later if needed; but if you use too much at first, you just have to wait it out as it metabolizes through your system.
  2. Masking the flavor — especially of some of the really dank flavored strains is v e r y difficult.  Through experimentation, I have learned that bitter flavors tend to hide the danks better than just about anything else.  A little sour, salty, spicy-hot,  and a little sweet can also help, but the bitterness  is really the key.
  3. Bartenders’ bitters (those expensive little bottles that are measured into mixed drinks by the drop) are availabe in a wide variety of formulas, from Graprfruit Bitters, to Teapot Bitters, to Mexican Mole Bitters, and Chinese Herbal, Dandelion, and Charred Pineapple or Chamomile!
  4. Naturally bitter foods also work: coffee, black or green tea, cocoa, olives, citrus peel, ginger, herbs like dandelion, burdock, and grape leaf….

In the past, I have given recipes here on my blog that use tastebud approved and tested ways to consume magic bartendable drinks like my Bloody Mary Jane, Salty Dawg, Magic Matcha Chai, and my Ginger Ale Joint.  So here is my latest, and possibly greatest potent pot-potable: Canna-Joe.

  • 8oz very strong, dark roast coffee or 4oz espresso.  I prefer an Italian roast because it is bold and bitter without tasting burnt.  I prefer either Illy espresso, Barista Prima Italian Roast, Barista Prima Dark Hazelnut, or in a pinch — one of the Starbucks dark roasts.  Decaf works just fine if it’s late….
  • 2 T (rounded) unsweetened cocoa powder.  I use Dagoba’s chili pepper spiced, or an organic dutched cocoa.  Note that the cocoa powder also adds several grams of fiber to the cup.
  • 2 t suger, or the equivalent in the sweetener of your choice.  I use a diabetes friendly sweetener called Just Like Sugar, because it also adds 5g of fiber per T.  Whatever sweet you use, adjust the amount to match your taste.
  • 1/4t vanilla extract
  • 1 dose (for me, this is about 1/2t of my high-proof alcohol tincture) cannabis
  • 1 1/2 oz light cream

Honestly, in this mix, I can’t taste the marijuana at all!  Which is excellent news.  It also adds about 12-13g of fiber to my daily diabetes numbers.

And it’s just as good over ice.


Pictures to come….


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