Fine Tuning Type II Diabetes Without the Meds / Side-Effects : Cannabis Rising

A further note about cannabis:  And a further note about blood sugar:

 (There are many posts here that I wrote beginning with a diabetes diagnosis about 2 1/2 years ago; as well as a few posts relating to Medical Marijuana and my adventures navigating that strangly il/legal landscape.  This is the latest on both fronts as of 4/17 — a few unusual effects which may or may not be related.  Because of my severe asthma and chronic migraines, I manage my diabetes without the prescription diabetes drugs or insulin.)

In the last 2  weeks, I made a couple of slight changes to my diabetes control diet, and to my medical marijuana consumption, and my average blood sugar numbers are down by about 15%. (So far)

1. I cut my total breakfast numbers by half. Half the total protein, carbs, fat, calories etc. the only number I kept about the same is fiber grams.  This was fairly easy, since breakfast has long been my main/largest meal of the day.  Cutting it in half means 1c coffee, 2 eggs instead of 3, 2 sausage links or bacon strips instead of 4, and a small 6″ hi-fiber/low carb tortilla filled with refried beans, pepper jack cheese, onions, and salsa — instead of a medium 8″ tortilla.)

2. I stopped taking “canna-free” days. I’d been taking 1 day a week off from the routine.

3. I switched from my usual —

  • Bloody Mary-Jane (made w/ 3/4 c mixer + 1oz olives) or 
  • Canna-Joe (made w/ 1c strong dark roast or 2 shots espresso, 2T cocoa powder, vanilla, cream, & sweetener) –> to a a tall 
  • Ginger Joint (made w/ 12oz Bai no-sugar Ginger soda, 1oz lime juice, 1/2t lemon bitters.)

The resulting iced ginger drink fills a glass that holds 22oz — and unlike the hot coffee (9oz, including milk), or the short bloody mary-like canna cocktails (10oz including ice and olives), the Ginger potion takes me several hours to drink, and the ice melts into it over time — diluting it further.

[all 3 drinks are made w/ exactly the same 1/2t measure of cannabis tincture.]

The results of these changes have been very positive, including much lower levels of cannabis in my system, but more consistently; lower averages in blood sugar numbers and more consistency; and about 15% less food in my system, which takes some of the burden off my metabolism.  –all with no loss to the anti-migraine, anti-neusea, anti-anxiety, and pain management effects of the Medical Marijuana.

Not sure what this means in the long run. I have already been very pleased that the cannabis seems to be keeping the migraines and the various anxiety problems at bay.  But I’d been hearing and reading about some of the terpenes and cannabinoids possibly having a positive effect on insulin resistance — I just hadn’t dared hope it would impact the diabetes, too.

(Check out HBO’s “Vice” archives for their discussion about the Congolese Landrace that may have clues to the diabetes/cannabis connection.)

And it may turn out that the lower blood sugar numbers are completely unrelated to the cannabis.  –however, that would be a very big coincedence.

We’ll see.  

At least I hope we will.  

Who knows what this Republican Administration will do w/ regards to cannabis.  Or anything else.


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