My name is Lynn. Until a couple of years ago, I was owner and manager of a small toy shop for over 10 years. Prior to that, I worked for 8 years as a management consultant and corporate trainer and training designer. I have written software manuals for Oracle overlays and taught database-design-for-dummies. I have been a scientific technical writer and editor in High Energy Physics research. I have been a political speechwriter, a grant writer, a temporary secretary, a public school teacher, an ESL teacher, a Basic Freshman Composition teacher at a Tier II university, an NLP trainer, a therapeutic hypnotist, a single mom, a great cook, and a decent bartender (See my book/blog on mixology and the current State of the Bar HERE.) I am also an artist (mixed water media) and a paint-maker. I speak English, moderate French and Italian; and I can read my way through Spanish, German, and marginal, awkward Dutch.

This site will exhibit some of my paintings/art, and some works in progress. I don’t talk much about what paintings “mean” or what art means — because it so obviously means something slightly different to each person, and I’d rather start where someone who is responding to my art begins.  If you want to know more about my art — START  HERE.

I also write a lot about finding patterns — in behavior, in history, in society…. These things interest me. Except that I don’t find a lot of value in arguing on purpose, I might have gotten a degree in philosophy. As it is, I’m a lot more comfortable just working out the patterns and puzzles and moving on.  To read more about the patterns I sift through, start HERE.

I am on a personal journey of health, and  I’ve recently lost much of the flexibility and dependability of my hands — especially my thumbs, and my ability to hold and grip with my hands.  This could be a form of osteo-arthritis, it could be hereditary joint deterioration, or it could be loss due to a kind of osteoporosis.  At the very least, it means I’ve had to give up knitting, picking up heavy objects with one hand, and  I’ve also had to change the way I drive, type, the kinds of clothes I can wear — and even the way I cook.  Things I’ve discovered and experienced during this unwelcome and disruptive change can be found HERE and HERE.  It’s an interesting ride — but I don’t recommend it.

The biggest change I am making is to eat a healthier diet, and see if I can change my physical body to a smaller size that doesn’t put so much stress on my other joints and bones.  This stands to be a challenge — I know this because I’ve been down this road before.  However — I have better tools and information than I’ve had in the past. –and less baggage.  Read the “Confessions….” page to get an idea — and I’ve already added dozens of pages of information and healthy recipes that are just cobblestones on this path.  I suspect that the big changes I’ve made will be permanent in order to keep what health I gain — so I’m making the best changes and choices I can.  Of all the pages I’ve put together on eating in a healthier way, the best and most fun of them all is Here.  😀

During 2012, I discovered something I’d never known but had suspected for some time — I have lived most of my life with undiagnosed high-functioning autism, or most recently called Asperger’s Syndrom.  I will be writing about this interesting discovery, how it has changed me and those I am close to — and what it means to make a discovery like this in mid life.  My strongest reaction is this:  there have been a mountain of experiences and moments in my life I have never understood — until now.  And now that I know, my life is much more relaxed and easier to enjoy.  To read some of my observations about Asperger’s and High Functioning Autism, START HERE.

There are also many pages about a variety of artists; the magician’s trick cards, tarot/fortune-telling cards, artists’ painted decks of cards I have collected over the last 35 years; writings about meliorism and nomics; and an occasional rant about public policy or politics.

As for my “beliefs” — this seems to be of interest to many people.

I believe the best use of our time is to learn, to search for truth, to care for others, to love, and to leave kindness, quiet, peace, and FUN in our wake.

I believe people have the capacity to change and the potential to do magnificent things in a single lifetime.

I believe we should treat the people we claim to love most with the most kindness we are capable of. Unwavering and relentless kindness.

I believe that I can change the world.  Or at least my corner of it.